Welcome to the Language and Enrichment Center

Language and Enrichment Center BuildingThe Language and Enrichment Center is one of New Jersey’s premier destinations for multilingual Preschool and Kindergarten education and enrichment classes. Our mission is to educate young minds to become extraordinary people that will do extraordinary things. We measure success by the ways we touch the lives of people. Our focus is holistic child development through programs that address different aspects of a child’s growing mind and body. We also believe that childhood is the ideal time to introduce foreign languages, as well as global awareness of other cultures and traditions. These concepts are an integral part of our philosophy and are weaved throughout all of our programs.

The L.E.C is a 501-C3 organization. During the day the L.E.C is a NJ state licensed multilingual preschool and kindergarten, offering Italian and Spanish as a second language. The L.E.C also offers a variety of ongoing enrichment classes for young children and families such as S.T.E.M, S.T.E.A.M, Let’s Play in Italian bilingual playgroups, Spanish playgroups, sewing classes, music, art, Pottery, Organic Gardening. We also offer themed birthday parties, a half and full-day summer camp program.

The center gives personal development opportunities to adults as well, with book clubs, art workshops, and language conversation classes. The LEC is committed to offering only those programs that educate, entertain, and inspire children, as well as the adults who nurture them.